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        1. 歡迎訪問云南省建設投資控股集團公司國際工程部!


          The Group pays a great attention to the enterprise culture construction, giving a full play to the cohesive effect of enterprise culture in the development of the Group, and forms a fine cultural atmosphere. Now, the Code of Conduct of “devote to your job,cherish your work post, be honest and trustworthy, operate by law”, the 5S&5E culture of“stress reform, exhibit righteousness;stress current situation, exhibit commitment; stress development, exhibit performance; stress management, exhibit efficiency;stress talents,exhibit contribution”, the wolf spirits of “act without delay, team spirit, tenacious perseverance, dare to win”, the spirits of the plateau iron army of “Endure hardship specially, fight specially and contribute specially, dare to fight a tough battle,be adept in fighting a fierce battle, can win the battle”, and the craftsmanship spirits of “dedicate to mission, persistent tenacity,make it better, pursuit of excellence” have been deeply rooted in the heart of the people, and become a strong force to drive the Group to realize a leapfrog development.



          Enterprise Code of Conduct

          Devote to job, Cherish work post.
          Be honest and trustworthy, Operate by law.

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